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Tue, Aug. 16th, 2011, 04:51 pm
sonof2ravens: Ways You Can Show Solidarity With Striking Verizon Workers

For those who are following along with the Verizon strike and want to do what you can do to get involved, there are a bunch of ways for you to get directly involved or show your solidarity. Forty-five thousand Verizon workers are on strike because the massively profitable company, which pays no taxes, is demanding major cuts in employee compensation and refuses to negotiate fairly with workers. The Communications Workers of America filed a unfair labor practice grievance again Verizon on Friday.

One creative way to get involved is the "What Verizon's Name Means" contest sponsored by the CWA. The union is asking creative supporters to come up with a translation that reveals what Verizon's name really means.

If you are in the area, you can use this tool to find a picket line anywhere from Virginia to New York. If you are joining the strike, you can print leaflets before you go.

You can also send a letter to Verizon asking them to negotiate fairly. Daily Kos also has a petition in support of the striking workers. Organizations interested in supporting the strike should contact CWA directly.

Other ways to keep up with the latest on the strike is to sign up for text messages from CWA, support the strike on Facebook, and by changing your Facebook and Twitter status to show your solidarity.